I met my shiny, happy friend Rachel Awes for breakfast yesterday. And she brought her wings. Rachel dresses the way she feels; I swear you can actually see her spirit from the inside out. And I could tell right away she was in the mood for flying. It wasn’t a conscious decision to wear her heartwings on her sleeve for our get-together. She just wore what felt right for the occasion!

The first thing I noticed on Rachel was her big, beautiful butterfly ring {see it?}. It fluttered around our breakfast table all morning, whenever she moved her hands. Meanwhile, the bell sleeves on her sweater looked like pretty, mustard wings. And there were butterflies under the table, too:

When it was time to pay, I giggled when I pulled out my wallet because one of Tru’s toy planes was sticking out. Rachel said, “Oh! I have a plane, too!”  She dumped all her purse junk on the table and dug through to find her plane {hello, serendipity!}. The little toy plane came with something she bought recently, and she felt compelled to hang onto it. I bet her heart knew in advance the time would come for a plane play date; Rachel trusted that nudge and tucked the plane in her purse. So, we flew, right there in the booth, with 70’s disco tunes playing overhead…

Our zipping and zooming through the air reminded Rachel of one more thing – one more big thing! The day before, as she was drawing and thinking ahead to our breakfast and the start of a new week, this is what came out:

It was the perfect ending to our morning and gave words to all the visual cues swirling around us yesterday. I smiled as I drove away, thinking of how every fiber of Rachel’s being is telling her to spread her wings, signaling to her that it’s time to take all that talent, all that love, all that wisdom – and FLY higher, faster, freer than ever before. Flap those gorgeous wings, dear girl. You are more than ready.