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 Anybody out there feel like you’re living in a perpetual state of unrest? Inexplicably fidgety and anxious? Maybe you lay awake at night, knowing you’re dog tired but just staring into darkness? I feel, hear, see a growing restlessness among women I know. I hear from readers every week who know deep down there’s gotta be something more; they’re feeling pulled towards creative outlets they never before imagined enjoying, and tossing around ideas that seemingly came out of the blue. I think it’s an epidemic. Or maybe a revolution.


That sense of unease and longing for something more is not in your head. It can’t be cured with a pill or a hot bath or a good workout. Because it’s deep.


“Any sense of restlessness is a sign that your soul is ready to grow. Answering the call of your soul by pursuing a new entrepreneurial activity or a form of creative expression, such as writing, playing music, or sculpting, would be a natural process in aligning yourself with Spirit. If you are restless, this is how you’re being guided or invited by your soul to find deeper fulfillment through more satisfying work and meaningful service.” – Ernest D. Chu in Soul Currency


Whoomp, there it is! I got chills when I read that last week, thinking about times in my life when that restlessness {Restless Soul Syndrome, I’ll call it} gnawed at me until I answered the call and allowed my SELF to grow. Heck, my post this week about finding my tribe is a perfect example; I knew deep down the ladies at Bunco Night and the executives at my leadership meetings were not my peeps; I was uncomfortable and restless during every gathering. I tried to stuff it down, tell myself it was all in my head. But it was in my soul – and you can’t fight that forever.


When I don’t take a hint, the growth I need is thrust upon me. Looking back, I definitely had Restless Soul Syndrome before big and unforeseen changes in my life. Losing jobs. Losing loved ones. Losing my grip. For several months before my radio show got canceled last year, I felt incredibly and inexplicably restless. Planning each show felt harder than before. Hosting each show felt less fulfilling. But I loved my co-hosts and I loved the subject matter, so I just plowed forward – until our boss walked into the studio and announced the show had been canceled. I didn’t see it coming…and yet I totally did.


So, how do you cure Restless Soul Syndrome? With truth. Real, gritty, leap of faith, big picture, look-yourself-in-the-eyes kind of truth that challenges who you are and what you’re about and where you’re going next. The truth will set you free…and allow you to finally get some rest.


Need some help “treating” your Restless Soul Syndrome? Here are some great resources:

Michele Stimpson, LifeShine Coaching – She’s a dynamo coach who can rock your world over the phone.

The Artist’s Way – Julia Cameron’s book and programs have transformed so many lives, helping to unleash creativity and purpose.

Vision Boards – Christine Kane just updated her awesome resource on uncovering and attracting what you really need and want into your life {look up Vision Boards on Google and she’s #1}.

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