Happy Monday, Dear Hearts!

It’s hard to believe I’m fast approaching the five year anniversary of being my own boss. Wowza! There’s so much about entrepreneurship that I love. But when I left corporate America, I was so wrong about the things I thought I’d miss the most. I worried I’d miss the material things – the benefits, the regular paychecks, the paid-for computer and phone and office supplies {never underestimate the power of color-coordinated paper clips!}. Turns out I got over that stuff pretty quick. {Okay, fine – the regular paychecks were awfully nice.}

The thing I actually missed most? The instant feedback. Truth is, self-employment can feel lonely at times. I’m still a little jealous when Brad comes home from work complaining about all his meetings and impromptu brainstorming sessions.  I remember feeling that way too; when you’re in the middle of it, all those interactions can feel like distractions from your real work. And then, when you’re in business with and for yourself, casually kicking around ideas with co-workers suddenly sounds downright delightful.

I have peeps to lean on, like fellow entrepreneurs I meet with monthly, but it’s not the same as ducking inside a co-worker’s cubicle for feedback on a fresh idea. I never imagined that Facebook would become my virtual water cooler – a place where I can count on connecting with like-minded, supportive, insightful folks like you. I pay close attention to the posts you “like” or share with others or comment on. When you take a second to provide feedback, it’s like you’re in the cube right next to me! ;o)

via happytownusa on etsy

Yesterday, my Facebook “fan” page hit 2,000 followers – cool milestone! It’s not the number that matters, but the evidence that this community continues to grow. Facebook draws more perfect peeps to my blog and artwork than any other medium, thanks to all of you awesome-blossoms who share my posts and projects with others, either via the actual Facebook page or by clicking the “share” and “like” buttons at the bottom of my blog posts.

It’s such a gift to be able to gather around that virtual water cooler and hang out with such amazing cheerleaders, whenever I want. Thanks for being there for me, in so many ways.

Love & Light,