Holy smokes, you guys. I just had to drop in to share this with you – my new favorite picture. I’ve been taking a little break from the blog the past couple of days to focus on some big projects. But tomorrow’s Little Bliss List Day and I planned to share that I’ve been having fun re-discovering some old favorites in my closet, like this cozy cardigan I got for a steal – and forgot about! So, I posed in front of a mirror with my iPhone. I was focusing on making sure I was fully in the frame, not paying attention to anything outside of myself {insert ego joke here – heehee!}.

When I looked at the result, my heart skipped a beat. There’s my dad, hiding out in the corner, seemingly watching me from within that picture frame. It’s the same photo Tru was dancing with the other day. It didn’t make me sad; just the opposite, in fact. Looking at this photo, I feel like my dad was right there, taking the picture with me, letting me know he’s always hanging out in the corner, watching over me with all that love and pride in his eyes, just like always. Picture perfect. Thanks, Dad.