Yesterday, famously fierce coach/author/blogger Danielle LaPorte asked her peeps this burning question: “What’s Your Super Hero Name?” Hers is Agent Now – because she’s always “seeing into the now so deep that I can see the past and the future.” Right on.

As soon as I read her question, my superhero name came to me like a flash of light. Quite appropriate, actually, once you see who I am.

I’ve thought of myself as a superhero before; in fact, my “creative superpowers” take center stage in my bio. But I’d never given myself a superhero name. Perhaps it was there all along, invisible to the human eye and burning to be known. 


So, are you ready for it? Here goes. 

I am…The Illuminator.


With laser-like focus and heart-thumping intuition, I’m capable of seeing others’ sparks, even before they do. I’ll catch your dreams with my bare hands, then shine a light on your path. My paint brushes are torches, burning truth into canvas so you walk away from my art positively glowing. I am your light in the dark, your candle in the wind – ready to help you emerge from the shadows, gleefully gobsmacked by all the gifts around you and within you. That’s right. I am…The Illuminator.  Clearly, I need a lightning bolt cape and glow-in-the-dark tights.


So, fellow superheroes, do tell…what shall I call you??