Seven days.

That’s all it took

to grow into your potential,

to go from timid to tenacious,

to open yourself to whatever comes next.

Seven days. 

How, again, might you change between now and then?

What will appear to test your courage,

to strengthen your roots,

to enhance your beauty,

to allow you to bloom?

Note how you feel in this day, in this moment:

the stickiness, the somberness, the liveliness, the messiness, the happiness.

Return to yourself  one week from right now.

Lift your face to the sun,

breathe in the sweet air,

hold on to your heart

and then close your eyes

till you see how much you’ve grown.

Bask in the glory,

yearn to see more.

Seven days from today,

you’ll be you – only better.

Repeat and rejoice 52 times a year.