Every Friday, the Little Bliss List provides a chance for us to celebrate the little things that brought us hope and happiness this week. I do believe when we focus on the sweet stuff of life, the sweet stuff multiplies. And by sharing those small gifts in our lives, we help others notice the gifts in theirs. 

I was sitting outside this week, in my own backyard, thinking about how wherever I am, it’s possible for bliss to show up. I listened to laughing kids and singing birds and squeaking swing sets – and felt bliss wash over me. So happy to have a safe place to raise my kids, so grateful for nature in my midst, so reminded of my own childhood joy. That’s how bliss works, right? It sneaks up on you. Here are some other ways it showed up for me this week…

1) We had a lovely Easter; the boys did awesome at my Nana’s church {thank goodness the Easter Bunny thought to bring Thomas the Train toys!}, we went out for a yummy brunch and spent a laid-back afternoon at my mom’s house. I feel so grateful that my mom, brother and Nana all live nearby.

2) Speaking of Nana, we had a girls’ outing to the spa for lunch and some light pampering. We talked a lot about World War II this time, from losing her brother to planning a shoestring budget wedding before her sweetheart {my grandpa} was deployed overseas. Love, love hearing her stories; hard for me to imagine all she’s seen in her lifetime.

3) I stopped by two fave local shops – The Cottage House and i like you – to restock my cards. Loved chatting with the shop owners and the warm-fuzzy feeling I get from knowing they like my work. Meanwhile, I’ve pushed my Etsy shop re-opening to Monday. Exciting!

4) I’m tickled pink that my post about how we found our new nannyhas struck a chord and been shared so much on Facebook and Twitter {thanks!} – but even more blissed out about this new arrangement working so well. As I was leaving the house yesterday, she and Tru were packing a picnic lunch using one of his Easter baskets. Swoon.

So, how did bliss show up in your own backyard this week? Share your own bliss list in the comment section or via your own blog – and please visit others who post their bliss here! You can participate in the link party below through Sunday at midnight central.

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