I believe we were all born intuitive beings, given a precious gift that allows us to tap into our own destiny and connect with signs from the great beyond. But that precious gift is hard to protect and easy to ignore, given all the distractions of daily life. Here’s a glimpse into my path, in hopes it helps shine a light on yours.

I was a highly intuitive child.


I think all kids are so perceptive, but the lucky ones – like me – have parents who lovingly support vs. deny their ability to see and sense invisible forces within them and around them. I felt things, saw things and knew things no one could explain. But as I grew up and grew busy, that inner knowing took a backseat to everything else and my trust in it dimmed. My intuition did not go away; it just got buried under busywork.

There were times in my young adult life when I heard it – that still, small voice coming through loud and clear – and I had to choose whether to trust it or ignore it. And you know what? Whenever I chose to follow my heart, it proved to be right. But it was such a struggle to trust that inner wisdom.


I gave more power to the voices in my head than the one whispering from my heart.


Then, in my early 30s, a couple of things happened that allowed my intuition to seep through the cracks and bubble up to the surface:

1) My healing journey through PTSD and depression invited me to reflect and be still. Good God, it’s amazing what you hear when you just get quiet.

2) After years of feeling trapped in beige cubicles and black blazers, I began to move into my own light, flirting with the possibility of doing what I love and truly loving what I do.

Both of those spirit-shifting transitions, which unsurprisingly overlapped each other, woke my intuition from its slumber. And it didn’t just roll out of bed.


My intuition leaped back into my daily life, wide-eyed and ready to rock.


At first, it scared the crap out of me; I was so out of practice at listening to my soul’s voice blended perfectly with God’s voice. But it just came rushing in – like it often did when I was a kid. I started to hear words seconds before they came out of people’s mouths. I’d “imagine” things and then they’d happen the next day – or next hour – or next moment. I’d accidentally pick up on the energy of people around me, literally feeling how others felt {so exhausting!}. It was cosmic information overload.

In 2006, I enrolled in an intensive course on intuition. I’d spend the week all buttoned-up at my corporate job, then secretly spend weekends with a bunch of psychics-in-training, hoping to get a handle on what was happening to me. I devoured books about intuition and intention, I meditated lots, I learned to clear myself and ground myself, and eventually I grew more grateful than fearful of this gift.

Later that year, I couldn’t shake the sense I needed to leave my job and set out on my own. So, I booked a reading with a professional psychic who’s since become a dear friend. I had booked readings several times in the past regarding big decisions and had always felt electrified by them; the otherworldly information and advice often blew my mind. But this time, it was different: everything she said, I already knew. Our session was actually…boring. Because I’d become so in tune with my own emotional compass and inner wisdom, nothing she reported was a revelation –  but rather confirmation of what I already knew.

That reading blew my mind in a new way, proving to me I wasn’t just imagining things but was intuitively in sync with my past, present and future. That’s when I really began to make life choices based on what my heart told me. The results were amazing. And I can tell you now that had I not trusted my intuition back then, the most wonderful things about my life today likely wouldn’t exist.

So, why share all of this? Because I want you to know the other GIANT TRUTH I’ve realized during this journey:


We all have psychic superpowers.


The more I studied intuition and noticed its presence in the lives of others {including SO MANY famous folks who credit their success to their keen instincts}, the more I realized it’s not a gift that’s only offered to a select batch of lucky folks.  Everybody gets their own crystal ball – like a little welcome gift upon your earthly arrival!

Throughout your life, even when you think your crystal ball is nowhere to be found, it’s peeking out from the corners of your life – trying to get noticed. Ever thought of an old friend and then, hours later, run into her for the first time in years? Ever been dealt a low-blow and told people you just knew it was coming? Ever felt a deep sense of peace come over you about a tough decision? Hello, intuition! Those crystal ball moments are your psychic superpowers at play.

Don’t let them gather dust on your soul’s woulda-coulda-shoulda shelf. Open up that gift – play with it, cherish it, protect it and share it with others. You are psychic, baby – we all are. When you own it and trust it, life becomes a magic show.