When I started my blog in 2006, I had a clear mission: take a picture of something beautiful every day for a year and write about it. Overall, it was a great year. Blogging stretched me in ways I hadn’t expected. It forced me to pay much closer attention to the good stuff in my midst. But, after a while, it also left me feeling like a failure.

From the beginning, my blogging was very structured: I only allowed myself to post a picture I had taken that day and, for some reason, I thought my posts needed to read like poems. Because I had quick success with that formula, I worried that doing anything differently might annoy my audience and lessen my blog’s likability. Those stringent rules I’d set out for myself kept me on track, but by the 365th day, I was worn out. My blog had begun to feel like a chore.

For a while, I stuck with the same formula – taking a picture of something beautiful and waxing poetic about it. But because it felt forced, it wasn’t fulfilling. My blog posts became more sporadic and my readership suffered. I’d go for weeks without someone leaving a comment. I came so close to quitting a handful of times! But I didn’t. I made lots of mistakes, but I slowly found my way back to blogging with joy and began to reap the rewards {emotionally, spiritually, financially}.

And that’s why I created my eCourse, How To Build a Blog You Truly Love, which I’m excited to be relaunching today! Truth is, most bloggers do quit. Only 4% of the blogs created since 2002 are still updated weekly, according to research by Technorati. Wow!

It makes me sad to think of all the valuable voices that have gone silent. At the same time, I’m not surprised that so many bloggers have thrown in the towel – because so many blogs are created for all the wrong reasons. As I say in my course materials, the blogs that are booming & blooming these days are those created from the HEART – with palpable passion, a clear purpose, an authentic and unique voice, a commitment to quality content and plenty of room for growth. Those are the things that keep a blogger motivated and keeps readers coming back for more.


That is what I want for each of you who already blog or who are thinking about taking that leap! There are ways to be authentic without always airing your dirty laundry. There are ways to promote your blog that feel good and don’t suck all of your time. There are ways to earn income without selling your soul. And there are ways to leverage your blog that have a profound impact on your business, if that’s your goal.

I had not planned to offer this course until later this year, BUT the universe decided to throw me some curve balls and play with my schedule. So, my newer course – Buzz Worthy – will launch in late summer, and now I’m thrilled to get to offer my blogging course SOONER than I’d expected! I’ve had so many of you email to ask when the next one would be….and it’s here! So, NOW is your time to shine online. 

And guess what? I’m offering an Early Bird Discount this week only – save $20 through May 5th. So, climb on board and spread the word if you feel inclined. I’d love it! I can’t wait to work with a new group of bloggers-in-bloom and bloggers-to-be!