I spent part of last week in rural Tennessee and felt like a foreigner, out of my element but totally fascinated by my surroundings. Everything seemed different – the fragrant air, the gorgeous foliage, the wide open space, the casual pace. The middle of nowhere is something special.

We met a woman who has lived in this little town for over 20 years; she drove through on a trip and knew she had to stay. “It was like I fell out of the world and into this place,” she said. Wow. I LOVED the way she put that. But, even more, I love that she paid attention to that feeling and actually altered her life to stay in that place.

Have you ever had such an undeniable knowing? That sense that the whole world has fallen away and you’re right where you’re meant to be? Maybe you’ve gleefully been in the zone of a creative project. Maybe time seemingly stopped as you connected with a new person. Or maybe you discovered a new place that made you want to stay…or at least stay a while. Deep down, we all want to fall out of the world and fall into the right NOW.

May you find yourself truly present this week…with plenty of opportunities to stay awhile.