On Saturday, we went to one of our favorite summer spots – Lake Harriet. Within the city of Minneapolis, there are lots of gorgeous lakes with trails wrapped around them, but Harriet is our favorite. We rode the old trolley and then walked down to the bandshell, where Jaspar Lepak was singing folk songs under a clear blue sky.

While Brad took Tru over to see the boats, Ryder and I cozied up on a bench in the audience. We tapped our toes and I rubbed his back, mesmerized by the perfect setting, pretty music, smiling concertgoers, tail-wagging puppies, hand-holding couples, shimmering lake, and quality time with my big boy. This is the life, I thought to myself. A truly blessed life.

When we saw Brad and Tru had returned from boat-watching, we left our sweet park bench and walked over to them. As the boys started monkeying around, Brad leaned over to me and asked, “If life can be this good, do you ever wonder how great Heaven must be? Is it like this – but all the time??”

I love that we both had a sense in that place, in that togetherness, in that evening – was something special, something sacred. Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. We both breathed in the fresh blue air, watched our beautiful boys skipping ahead of us, and gave thanks for a glimpse of Heaven on Earth.