It’s hard to believe that five years ago this week, I began packing up my corporate office to set out on the adventure of working for myself. I did lots of prep work to launch my own small business – planning, paperwork, networking. But I forgot to create something important: a title.

Instead, I just called myself a bunch of titles, depending on what I was focusing on at the moment. There’s even a laundry list of roles on my current business card: artist, writer, speaker, mentor, mama.

It seemed easier that way, but it’s a mouthful whenever someone asks me what I do. And I did myself a disservice over the years, I believe, by avoiding the hard work it takes to zero in on what I’m all about.

I began really digging in a few months ago. Brainstorming. Scribbling. Doodling. Scratching out. Starting over. I held a magnifying glass up to how I was spending my time …compared to what I was most passionate about. I got so much closer – even re-branded my blog and web site, but I never did land on a succinct, all-encompassing title. I let myself get away with tucking that task away again.

That is, until my intention circle had a come-to-Jesus session with me, urging me to – once and for all – give myself the gift of definition. They were right {they’re always right!} and I dug back in to find a title that not only helps describe what I do, but offers room for growth. And then, it came to me. And I knew right away I’d landed on the one. Even so, I let it sink in for a while – just to make sure. And now? I’m sure, friends. Super-duper sure. My new title incorporates all that I do and all that I still want to be. So, at long last, I give you my new title…