I’m getting tired of everybody – including me – apologizing for the woo-woo in their lives.

I don’t know where the term “woo-woo” originated, but it’s become a common put-down for many age-old spiritual practices, from psychic phenomenon to hands-on healing, that are intended to enhance consciousness and well-being. The word “woo-woo” conjures up stereotypical images of loopy, flowery hippie chicks {think Harry Potter’s zany Professor Trelawney!}. Nobody wants to be considered a flake, right? So, we wind up backpedaling a bit or prefacing our soulful, spirited stories to protect ourselves from scrutiny.

Yep, guilty!

A few weeks ago during a coffee meeting, I shared a story of grand synchronicity and karma with a guy who seemed very conservative and reserved. I wasn’t sure he’d be open to it, so I started my story by saying, “sorry if this sounds too woo-woo for you.” He furrowed his eyebrows, looking confused, until I told him the story. His response? “I have no idea what woo-woo means, but if it includes cool stories like that, I’m all for it!”

That was a watershed moment for me, realizing there had been no need to tiptoe around my belief system or provide a “woo-woo” warning – even with someone I didn’t know well.  See, the bolder we all get in sharing our experiences and beliefs, the quicker we’ll shift the definition of “woo-woo” to allow for goodness and possibility.  Wanna join me?