When I first started blogging in 2006, I never imagined how it would change my life for the better. Or the deep connections I’d make with other bloggers. Or the wisdom and warmth I’d find in the blogosphere.

Nearly every day, I come across a post or photo or piece of art that takes my breath away. Like Andrea Scher’s gorgeous post last week on feeling seen and understood as a harried mama. Like Kelly Rae Roberts’ recent post revealing her own struggle with postpartum PTSD. Like the blogosphere’s swift and sweet support of writer Patti Dighand her husband, just diagnosed with kidney cancer and uninsured.

{art at my nana's house}

There’s magic happening all over the internet – but it isn’t always easy to find. When I find a blog I love, I tuck it away for safe keeping; I’m a bit of a blog collector, copying and pasting links all the time. But I’ve found lately that my little lists of favorite blogs had grown too lengthy to keep up with, and littered with sites that have since gone dark.

So I did some weeding and rearranging this weekend – not only so I could find my faves more easily, but so you can, too. You can click on any of the icons above to find my favorite blogs by category. I’ll continue to add to the lists, in hopes you find some gems that resonate with you.

BUT WAIT! Before you go check them out, I want to know your faves, too. Feel free to share your own blog URL in the comments and a little description…or share sites you adore and want the world to know about. We’ll make this post and the comment section beneath it a treasure trove of links to heart-based, soul-stirring, sparkly content. Ready, set, go!