our laundry room

Want to see some adorable ideas for creating a lovely laundry room? Thought I’d share some sweet solutions I’m swooning over today.

Why laundry rooms? I posted the image above on Facebook yesterday; a little piece of art I created years ago when I gave our own laundry room a bit of a makeover. I love sprucing up a space, so adding a bit of color {pink & black accents} to our little room was a fun project back then.

<<< {That’s our laundry room on the left}

Even though I like our laundry room, there are lots of days I’m frustrated with storage and such. So, I thought I’d search for darling spaces and creative solutions…and looky what I found!

via myhomeideas.com

Love the idea of building cabinetry around the washer and dryer so you can close the doors and literally hide your laundry!

via solutions.com

Oh! I’d LOVE not to pull out the giant ironing board whenever something needs a touch up. Love this quilted ironing pad you can just put on top of the washer.

via digsdigs.com

Live in a studio apartment or small space? I like the idea of coordinating colors {bright white!} and building shelving and a desk around the laundry machines so they blend into the room’s decor.

via hookedonhouses.net

Meanwhile, if you have abundant space…and plenty of money…and a puppy who poses, you could have this awesome laundry room – with a wrapping station included. Swoon.

via this old house

If I knew how to sew {!}, this would be brilliant: a drawer in the laundry room full of organized thread, buttons, pins, needles, etc.

via shelterness.com

I seriously want this: a bead-boarded hanging rack that folds into the wall. Adorable and functional! {and the LAUNDRY sign is a sweet addition, too}

via just the frosting on etsy

Speaking of signs, love the thought of a wall decal like this – total day brightener.

This little Sunday Swoon was “loads” of fun to pull together {I know, I’m a dork}. Did you like it? I might just start doing this weekly to find inspiration…and share it, too. Go out and enjoy your day – the laundry can wait.