truth from artsyville


For the past few weeks, I’ve been busy getting ready for today. No, scratch that. For the past 20 years, I’ve been getting ready for today.

It’s one of those rare days when I’m able to look back on my life, trace over my path and say, “Ohhhhh. This is why I had to do that.” It gives me butterflies, it really does. My new ecourse for creative entrepreneurs is here – and it gives new purpose to all the years I spent in public relations and broadcasting.

The inspiration for BuzzWorthy came last fall during a conference for creative entrepreneurs. A few minutes after the panel I was on, a new session started. As I tried to slink out of the ballroom, I heard someone in the audience ask a question about how artists can get media attention – and I stopped in my tracks. I had to hear the answer. And once I did, I was chomping at the bit to offer the audience of creatives – my people – a million more tips. I bit my tongue and pulled up a chair at the back of the room; my pulse quickened as the audience drilled a panel of publicists.

How had it never dawned on me, I wondered, to share what I know about media and PR with all the creative entrepreneurs in my life?? As soon as I started daydreaming about where that might lead me and what I might create for others, it was like the universe met me halfway, sending signs and reminders, fanning the flames of that spark of an idea. Like Aimee’s artwork above says, “When you teach what you love and share what you know, you open minds, hearts and souls to unexplored worlds.” I knew I had to make it happen.

And so, here it is!  If you’re a creative entrepreneur…or you know someone who is, please check out BuzzWorthy. I’ve done a lot of research and haven’t found anything quite like it. Starting October 1st, there will be six jam-packed weeks of content, a private community of fellow creative entrepreneurs to connect with AND a seriously amazing roster of media-savvy contributors to learn from.