Every Friday, the Little Bliss List provides a chance for us to celebrate the little things that brought us hope and happiness this week. I do believe when we focus on the sweet stuff of life, the sweet stuff multiplies. And by sharing those small gifts in our lives, we help others notice the gifts in theirs. 

Goodness, are we already here again – at the end of another week!? Summer is just flying by and I’m trying my best to soak it up. The warm sunshine. The luscious green. The beautiful blooms. The not-having-to-put-a-coat-and-boots-on-before-going-out. LOVE it all. And here’s what else I loved this week:

1) We squeezed in lots of family time this past week. We celebrated my sweet mom’s birthday with brunch and gifts and cake {that’s her with my brother Kai and her mom…my Nana; a good lookin’ bunch, yes?}. And we had a family dinner a couple of nights later. I’m so grateful in these moments to be close to my loved ones; a true blessing in my life.

2) Ryder and Tru have become such great playmates this summer. Granted, it’s not all smooth sailing…but my heart leaps out of my chest whenever I hear them giggling together. Tru thinks his big brother is the funniest, coolest kid on the planet and it’s so fun to watch.

3) My friend Maggie of Gussy Sews met me for lunch – likely our last for a loooong time, since she and her hubby are moving to California next week. It’s been a real joy to watch her and her business bloom and grow over the past couple of years and I’m excited for her next big adventure {including becoming a mama!}. Always wonderful to see a friend spread her wings.

4) I was totally touched by all the support and resources sent my way after sharing my decision to go dairy-free. You all seriously rock.

5) Oh! And I spent lots of time writing {serious bliss!}, including working on my new ecourse. Super excited to launch registration next week!

Wanna play? Just think of the stuff that made you smile big this week – and share it with us! You can participate in the link party below through Sunday at midnight central {and click on other entries below to give yourself a bliss boost} or simply leave a comment to celebrate the goodness in your own life!

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