If I had to look at a list of the things in my life I’ve started and never finished, it would be super depressing. Little things. Big things. So many things I meant to get around to…but never did. Oh you, too? Phew.

When I was at Teahouse Studio in May, a bunch of us sheepishly revealed that though we’d signed up for our fair share of e-courses over the years, many of us had never finished them. Not because they weren’t great, but because we couldn’t carve out time from our everyday lives to dig deep into the content like we’d hoped.

So, I’m not surprised by all of the students in my own six-week e-course, How To Build a Blog You Truly Love {BBTL}, who fret when life gets in the way and they fall behind, worried they’ll never catch up or find time to get re-engaged. I totally get it.

That’s why I’m so excited today to give you all a virtual “easy button”: I’m launching a self-paced version of BBTL, with the freedom to take it whenever you want, wherever you want…and to finish whenever you can. This blogging course has evolved so much since I first offered it in early 2011 and I’ve been so lucky to connect with so many gorgeous souls around the planet. Now, no one has to wait months until the next edition starts. It’s ready NOW. Wheeee!


The self-paced blogging course includes:

~ access to all six weeks worth of content at once {over 350 pages worth!} so you can go through it all as fast or slow as you choose

~ quarterly online updates, with new developments in the blogosphere, additional resources and big inspiration

~ exclusive access to our private Facebook page – an awesome global community of class participants sharing ideas, insights, challenges and victories. Most self-paced courses don’t have an interactive component, so I’m thrilled to offer

Leading this course has become such a joy for me. I have gone through every page of this class with a fine-tooth comb, adding updates and even comments from past students so it’s a really rich experience for all. If you or someone you know is ready to shine online, hope you’ll check out all the details and get started – knowing you have all the time you need to finish!

Meanwhile, I know many of you are waiting for news about registration opening for my new ecourse, Buzz Worthy, for bloggers and biz owners looking to build their traditional and social media buzz. I am definitely going to finish what I started with this one, too {ahem!} – just a little later than planned! Getting the self-paced blogging course ready took longer than I thought, on top of other summer projects. Registration will begin later this month – and the course will kick off on Monday, Oct. 1st.