I love when someone pops into my head – and then pops into my life. Those daydreams or “whatever happened to…” moments are like little whispers from the universe that someone special is about to cross my path.

It happened just the other day. I was thinking about the fact it’s been nearly a year since my radio show, Get Real, ended {where did the time go!?} and one of my favorite interviews came to mind – with SARK {artist/author Susan Kennedy}. She is all about coloring {and living} outside the lines and told a story about a day when she was at the bank, feeling really tired. There was a long line for the bank tellers, so she curled up right there on the ground for a cat nap! 

A security officer came over and SARK asked if there was a rule that everyone had to stand in line vs. lay down in line. He wasn’t sure how to respond, so she continued to just rest on the floor while waiting her turn. She harmed no one in the process; just ruffled some feathers by doing the unexpected. I listened to her story in  horror {I would never have the guts to do that!!} – and with great admiration for her courage and confidence. It’s what makes her art and writing so appealing.

A couple of days after daydreaming about her, SARK showed up in my inbox, reaching out to say hi and wondering if I’d be willing to tell you all about her exciting news: her glorious posters are back and she’s giving tons of them away. I told her about the perfect timing – that I’d just been thinking of her and that story – and that of course I’d spread the word!

So here’s the deal. SARK’s posters – poems brought to life in vivid color – have been printed by millions {her “How To Be an Artist” poster has been seen in major films and even TIME magazine!}. Well, she’s just re-released 15 of them and, to celebrate, she’s hosting a huge sweepstakes with 67 prizes up for grabs, including poster collections and even mentoring sessions with her. All you have to do is add your name to the {super colorful} hat at www.planetsark.com/sweepstakes. Hope you win big ~ and that serendipity touches your life today!


P.S. SARK is also a contributor to my blogging ecourse, which is re-launching tomorrow – stay tuned for details. So excited!!