About a decade ago, I wondered what it might be like to have a tribe. Or even just one soul-deep, sister-like friend. I’d had best friends growing up, but things changed and we changed…and just like that, I felt a little lost at sea. I figured it was me, that I was too complicated to find a perfect match and too busy to even go looking.

But it nagged at me – that sense of un-belonging. Most of my dearest friends had their own best friends. I had a circle of gorgeous hearts around me but no one felt like home.

Eventually, I decided to set an intention for finding a soul sister. I envisioned how it would feel to be with her. I made a list of the things I would love about her and she would love about me. I imagined us laughing till we cried and crying till we laughed. Maybe most importantly, I trusted that I deserved to have that kind of joy and depth in my life. I left the details to the universe – what she looked like, where she lived, how I’d find her – and decided to trust she was out there, looking for me like I was looking for her.

I don’t recall how long it took, but I remember how it felt when the first one arrived. The first one, yes. In the years since setting that intention, I’ve been blessed to cross paths and intertwine hearts with women I can’t get enough of and who seemingly can’t get enough of me. We’re like air for each other. We want the very best for each other. We feel lifted up by one another. Some have faded in and out and in and out, at just the right times for just the right reasons.

Over the past five days, spent with some of my true loves on the shores of Lake Superior, I witnessed the magic of those soul sister connections time and time again. The very things I envisioned when I first set that intention….

Like how just the sight of you lights her up – the first time and the 500th time and every time in between. And you feel the same way.

Like the way she speaks your language. Walks the talk. Loves what you love – and other things, too. The way she listens with her whole heart.

Like the treasure hunts. And the dream-catching. The crocodile tears. The belly laughs. The goal-setting. The beauty-seeing. And the sense that none of it ever lasts long enough.

It is magic, pure and simple. But I had to invite it in, to open the door for them to walk through. This is how I found my soul sisters.