Hope you don’t mind me tooting my own horn, but I’m growing something pretty wonderful over here.

On Monday, I’m kicking off my BuzzWorthy ecourse for creative spirits – and it’s shaping up to be awesome. I’ve actually {ironically} kept the buzz for it to a minimum because I wanted to keep the class small-ish for this first run, and full of  artists, healers and other soulful entrepreneurs who feel really ready to move into this potentially uncomfortable space of self-promotion. I know it’s kinda scary. I know it’s kinda overwhelming. That’s why I’m so excited for the hand-holding, dream-catching and purposeful buzz-making that’s going to occur over the next six weeks.

I’m doing one big promotional push today, offering $24 off for 24 hours {just input the coupon code 24HR}. So…I’m mentioning it all over the place – in social media, my newsletter, on this blog. I apologize if you’re swimming in all those spaces and see the message over and over. But, to tell you the truth, I feel really good about it. See, I know how it feels to promote something that doesn’t light me up or feel like an authentic extension of me. It sucks. It knots you up. You hit the “post” button on Facebook and Twitter with one hand over your eyes. Yuck.

But when you cross that hurdle of knowing what you do serves others and taps into your own passions and purpose, it becomes so much easier to tell the world  and to do it in ways that mirror who you are and lovingly invites others into your space. I’m excited to show participants how to do that – and I’m already feeling filled up by the excitement brewing among them, with notes like this:

“The timing of this is nothing short of magical.”

And this one:

“I just looked at your list of contributors…a powerful constellation. Wow.”

Or this bit of love:

“I am so excited for this, I can hardly stand it. It’s exactly what I need to help me get more customers and more press.”

I would love to have you join us – or share today’s sale with artists, healers, writers and others in your circle who deserve to be seen and heard and loved by the world. Just send them to BuzzWorthyBiz.com. Thank you from the bottom of my buzzing heart.