Tomorrow, I’ll reunite with sweet soul sisters: artists, bloggers, dear hearts who totally get me – even when I don’t. When we first gathered two years ago on the shores of Lake Superior, our conversations were like soul food. Our excursions to new places felt like coming home. Our art-making time by the light of the moon lit a fire in me.

One of my favorite moments was opening – for the first time – the galley to my book, with all these dear ones squealing with delight, hovered over the huge manuscript that was spread across the floor. They were there for me in that time of wonder and celebration. And they were there for me when it came crumbling down. They’ve been there for me, sending love across the miles, as I hit multiple speed bumps these past couple of years, and they’ve been cheerleaders during all the heart-thumping good moments, too.

I know this new time we spend together will be a giant serving of soul food once again. I should be packing…but instead I just wanted to put into words and put into the universe how grateful I am for the chance to be together, for the loves here at home making it possible for me to fly away, for the knowledge that every speed bump is paved with blessings.

* * * * * 


Do you believe in coincidences? I don’t – and neither does Deepak Chopra. I’m blogging about that this week over at Your Heart Makes a Difference.

Don’t forget my new ecourse, BuzzWorthy, starts Oct. 1st. Love, love, love seeing the creative souls who are signing up and getting brave, ready to step into the limelight!