I love the chance to do something simple that adds a pop of color or brightens a room. When we went to buy the boys’ Halloween pumpkins this weekend, I couldn’t resist getting a handful of baby gourds – they’re so darling. And once I got them home, I decided to dress them up in fun colors!

I bought a basket full of little orange and cream-colored gourds {$6 for 7 – sweet!} – all with good stems to hold while painting the bottom of each. If I do this again, I’ll definitely just get the cream ones, since the orange is harder to cover with paint {duh, right?}. I used some of my Dick Blick matte acrylic paint; others I tried were just too transparent. 

After a couple of coats and time to dry, I used my Sharpie paint pens to create pink and orange polka dots…let those dry…and then put white polka dots in the center of those. This, oddly enough, was the hardest part. I had an extra fine Sharpie tip and needed to draw and then re-draw the inner circles several times for the white to show up. But overall, I like the way they turned out – a nice break from all the Halloween orange and black or muted Thanksgiving hues.

And I loved capturing each step with my phone; I’m super lucky, since I got my Samsung Galaxy SIII and six months of service via the Verizon Wireless Midwest Savvy Moms program, just for showing you how I use it and sharing what I think. The camera rocks – love the vivid colors! – so it was perfect for this tutorial.

Got any other clever ideas for brightening up your space this fall? I’d love to hear ’em! And if you like my polka dot pumpkins, please share with others below! Happy fall, all!