Now this is a fortune that makes me happy. I’m totally looking forward to Friday now. ūüôā

Maybe I’m the only one, but I’ve been totally¬†bummed about the state of fortune cookie fortunes the past few years. They used to be little predictions that put a spring in my step as I walked out the door of a favorite Chinese restaurant. But in recent years, most of the cookie fortunes I’ve received have been bland ¬†statements – like “you are an interesting person.” Gee, thanks.

Look, I know fortune fairies and psychic phenoms are not typing up all those cookie fortunes – but I don’t care. I love the way a handful of tiny words tucked inside an after-dinner treat can change my mood or cause me to self-reflect while I digest my moo shoo pork. Ever notice how people read their fortunes and then actually pause¬†to see if the words ring true? We all nod in agreement when someone gets a good one, a perfect one for them. And we immediately wrinkle our noses at the messages that seem meaningless or inaccurate, crumpling them up and forgetting they ever existed.

If only we did that with the little messages we receive from others day in and day out: internalize the good ones, the perfect ones – and immediately toss the ones that feel like garbage. We tend to do the opposite, don’t we? We hang on to the messages that make us question who we are or where we’re going and doubt the ones that feel like gentle glitter bombs of affirmation.

Here’s a thought: tonight, as you think back on your day, write down the messages that you received – directly or subliminally – and stuck with you.

“You will always suck at budgeting.”¬†

“You’re making great headway.”

“You’ll get to see someone you adore this weekend!”

“Your kids will always think you’re the meanest mom on earth.”¬†

“There’s a check in the mail with your name on it!”¬†

Cut those messages into little rectangle pieces of paper, like fortune cookie fortunes. Read through them. Breathe through them. Keep the ones that feel good, in your hand and in your heart. And toss the ones that don’t. Forget about them, like they never existed.

Why? Because your future is bright, love. And that’s all you need to know.


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