Usually, on Fridays, I post the Little Bliss List here – and other bloggers share links to their lists of the things that brought them joy in the past week. I love this weekly check-in with myself and others; a regular reminder to take note of grace and goodness. But for the past two weeks, the Little Bliss List has gone MIA.

Why? Well, I’m crazy busy and, quite simply, I had to prioritize. I decided that skipping the little bliss list would give me a little bit if bliss. Ironic, right?

I’m in the middle of teaching my new BuzzWorthy course {and loving it!} and have some other projects on the front burner right now. Something’s gotta give in order to stay sane. You know how flight attendants say that in the event of an airplane malfunction you must first put the oxygen mask on yourself before helping your kids? That’s how this feels; like I’m granting myself a little breathing room this month so I have the energy to be in the places where I’m most needed right now.

Don’t stop looking for bliss, dear hearts. We’ll return to our regularly scheduled lists in November. Deep thanks for understanding.