Every year, we take the boys to the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market to find our Christmas tree. We walk up and down the rows of trees {we prefer the Frasier Firs}, waiting for one to call out to us, to draw us in, to accept our invitation. Yes, if you listen closely, you can hear them wanting to be adored, hoping to serve out their purpose, dreaming of a home where they’ll be allowed to shine. We take our job pretty seriously and probably drive the tree helpers crazy as we go back and forth.

And then, the same thing happens every year: one will suddenly just stand out from the crowd and be the obvious choice for all of us. We’ll fall in love with it on the spot. It happened again this time; we’d passed by our tree several times – and then it was like she used all her might, all her energy to pull us back to her. And all four of us just knew she was the one.

Oh, and it warms my mama heart the way the boys love decorating the tree. Tru put a bunch of snowflakes all on the same branch {love!} and Ryder worked alongside me last night, diligently finding the best spot for each ornament. “You really have to think when you’re decorating a tree,” he told me.

They cheered when I put the star on top and marveled at the final result. A gorgeous, magical tree who’s already bringing us so much joy in this, her final act. It humbles me to think of the years she spent growing tall and wide – for us. I hope she feels bright and shiny, loved and adored. Because she is.

That’s the perfect segue for sharing some exciting news with you today: I’m opening registration for a new session of BuzzWorthy, my ecourse devoted to helping heart-based entrepreneurs {lightworkers, if you will} step into the spotlight and learn how to build the buzz their businesses deserve. I learned so much teaching the first run of this class and am thrilled to birth a revamped version into the world on January 21st. But as a little holiday gift, I’m cutting the price by $20 during the month of December! So, if it sounds like it might be right for you or a small business owner you know, check out all the details here. Because, just like our tree, I want you to feel bright and shiny, loved and adored.