word of the year: thrive

Whoomp, there it is. I really thought long and hard about this: the one little word I want to guide me this year. THRIVE.

I love this exercise so much more than making resolutions at the start of a new year. A resolution typically focuses on what we lack or want to fix in our lives – and I don’t like my motivation for doing anything to come from a negative space. For me, choosing a guiding word is more about living with intention and focusing on what’s possible.

Last year, my word was bliss and it definitely helped me be more conscious of so many moments when I felt purely content and deeply happy. The year before that, I chose overjoyed; during an extremely tough year, that word sometimes whispered to me in the darkness, reminding me to find joy anyway.

Those past two years, my words focused on how I wanted to feel. This year, I chose a word that focuses on what I want to do. I went through lots of possibilities: fly. soar. excel. build. expand. trust. flourish.

family in pasadenaAs I looked at synonyms, thrive jumped out at me and said: yes, of course. Thrive encompasses all of those words I was considering – plus it holds extra-special meaning for me, since my dad was so committed in his work to helping youth thrive. In fact, I went to LA this past fall with my mom and brother for the opening of the  Thrive Center for Human Development at Fuller, which my dad had been so looking forward to be a part of.

While I was looking for my word, thrive had already found me. It feels right.

So, what feels right for you? I’d love to know the words you’ve chosen to guide you into goodness this year. And I also wanted to share some lovely resources…

Find + Honor Your Word of the Year

word of the year rock in a boxChristine Kane offers a great, free toolkit for finding your unique word. Just go to her blog for details.

Kim Mailhot, “Queen of Arts,” has created darling boxes in which you can place a word rock – custom made with your word of the year (pictured at left).

Ali Edwards, another champion of this great exercise, is launching her One Little Word Workshop for 2013.

Liz Lamoreux will engrave your word of the year into one of her stunning necklaces.  And so will The Rusted Chain – and add a sweet little pearl to boot.

Looking forward to seeing your words. Happy New Year, everyone!