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A couple of weeks ago, I had a heartbreaking conversation with a relative who’s got a serious knack for decorating; her home is like a Pottery Barn catalog come to life. I wondered aloud if she’s considered decorating for a living – and it turns out she has. Dreams about it, in fact. Already has lists going in her head of suppliers and vendors she’d lean on to paint or fix-up other people’s houses. So, why doesn’t she take the leap and live the dream?

“I wouldn’t know how to market myself.”

That was her reason. First, she doesn’t know how to do it and, secondly, she’s afraid she’d come across like a slimy used car salesman. I get it – I really do. Even though I spent a decade promoting other companies’ products, once I started my own business, my tried and true tactics felt really hard. It’s uncomfortable and unnerving to tout our own talents; it’s easy to take every reaction so personally. It’s especially tough when you  have no confidence in how to market those skills. But I hate knowing how many women let that stand in the way of sharing their amazing skills with the world.

That’s why I’m committed to help shed some light on feel-good self-promotion this year. Luckily, I’ve got lots of friends to lean on – and they want to help, too. Next Monday, I kick off the second edition of my BuzzWorthy course – a loved-up crash course in PR, social media and promotion for solopreneurs. And I am so grateful for the wisdom being shared by our 14 expert contributors (that’s right – 14 experts in four weeks). These are serious, top-notch peeps with amazing credentials. Scroll down to the last graphic to be blown away by some of the things they’ve accomplished.

I thought it would be cool to share some of the wonderful wisdom they’re sharing in their ecourse interviews. It was sooooo hard to choose what to share, but here’s a well-rounded group of insights. (Pssst! They’re all individually “pin”-able, in case you want to hang on to certain words of wisdom)

Pitching your small biz to TV producers, via buzzworthybiz.comimportance of collaboration - quote from entrepreneur beth nichollsmotivational quote for solopreneurs from Erin Newkirk, CEO of Red Stamp

choosing a good business name - advice from expert bridget levin, via buzzworthybiz.comPR tips for solopreneurs, advice from publicist Carina Sammartino via buzzworthybiz.comInterviewing tips from Hollywood mover and shaker Jeffrey Abramson, via

marketing tips for solopreneurs, from The Rusted Chain's Beki Hastings via buzzworthybiz.comimportance of good #blogging quote from social media guru Mary Jakschknow your customer - quote from marketing expert Carla Vernon via
Such good nuggets, right? Well there’s more where that came from! If you want to know more about these 14 fabulous contributors, you can find their bios here – but check out the fun details in the graphic below, too! They’ll blow you away.

If you’re looking to expand that thing you do this year, whether it’s your own business or you rep a business you believe in, you’ve GOT to know how to promote yourself and your work. I’d love to have you join us starting next Monday – and you’ll get a PDF of the full course so you always have the info at your fingertips. It’s going to be a blast. (All the details are here.) 

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