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You are awesome. And super smart. I know it, you know it…but, apparently, Facebook is not so sure.

I had to start a new Facebook page.

Would you PLEASE like it and share it? Click here. 

As many of you know, I started blogging about everyday beauty in 2006. I would photograph and write about something beautiful every day – and did that for a full year. It healed and transformed me. I called the blog Choosing Beauty and, to support the blog, I named my Facebook “fan” page I’m Choosing Beauty, too. The page has been a great place to share blog posts, inspiring art, beautiful photos, cool projects with nearly 3,000 of you. There’s only one problem:

My business has evolved and Facebook doesn’t care.

A couple of years ago, I decided to fully step into my own light and put everything I do under my own name, Liv Lane. My web site, my blog, my art shop, my social media. Facebook was the only place where I was still labeled as “Choosing Beauty.” But despite my attempts, Facebook refuses to change my page from I’m Choosing Beauty to Liv Lane.  The reason?

“We have determined the name change you requested may be misleading for the people who like the Page.”

Uhhh, friends, they have totally underestimated you. I’m 110% sure you could handle the name change. You KNOW those posts are coming from me, right? Heck, my name is in the header and my face is the profile picture. It seems far more misleading, I told the Facebook gods, that people who are looking for me on Facebook and don’t know about the old Choosing Beauty name can’t find me.

No matter, Facebook said. It stands by its decision. Grrrrr.

So, I’m taking a big risk here.

please help me prove to facebook i can build a new page full of awesome peeps who support me + my work. details at livlane.com. thank you!I’ve created a new business page under my own name, Liv Lane. My goal is to prove to Facebook that you won’t feel misled or confused and will follow me there. This will take some doing – and I need your help. So, if you like what I put into the world, could you “like” the new Facebook page and maybe even tell your friends about it? You can share posts from the page or share via the buttons below. I would be so grateful for the support and for the chance to show Facebook we lightworkers and love-spreaders stick together.

See you on Facebook, friends!