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I have had the same conversation so many times I’ve lost count – and yet I never get tired of it. Women come up to me at events and speeches with this certain look about them – sheepish, embarrassed, apologetic – and tell me how bad they are at blogging. They don’t have time for it. They haven’t posted in weeks or months. They can’t seem to find a groove. They hate technology. And then the ask: “Should I quit blogging…or keep going?”

They see other women building communities, boosting their businesses, loving the creative outlet of blogging – and they want that, too. But, at the same time, they look at other bloggers and feel like they don’t measure up.

Build a Blog You Truly Love: the ecourseIt pains me to see women feeling guilty, insecure or pressured in their blogging adventures. None of that will serve them or their readers well.

If you don’t feel good about your blog, it will do you no good. (click to tweet that!)

It’s hard to feel good about anything when people tell you you’re doing it all wrong. And there are plenty of “experts” and “gurus” and “successful” bloggers who are happy to spout off laundry lists of tasks and tips you must do to have any success in blogging…prompting many of us to feel overwhelmed and inadequate. All that negative noise makes a girl just want to up and quit. It’s no wonder only 4% of blogs launched since 2002 are still updated weekly!

That’s why I created my How To Build a Blog You Truly Love ecourse in 2011. And it’s why I’m bringing it back. That’s right, friends. I have had so many bloggers, feeling defeated and deflated, ask me to run the class live again that I’m in the throes of updating content so we can join together to change the face of blogging starting April 8th. There’s so much new content. There are updated interviews with amazing contributors – and two brand new interviews with Andrea Scher of Superhero Life and Dani Dipirro of Positively Present.

Yes, it’s a class about blogging. But it’s also a course about bravery and authenticity and purpose and passion. I can’t tell you how many women have told me it’s changed + healed major aspects of their lives, in addition to their blogs (I could cry just thinking about that).

So. If you’re longing for inspiration to start or renew a blog you’ll love…and you’re craving connection with like-minded, creative women…and you’re ready to illuminate your awesomeness, come join the circle. We start April 8th and I would love, love, love to have you.

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