instagram view from a planeYesterday was a travel day from hell, friends. I’m on my way to a professional retreat with a bunch of other speakers in Maine – but I’ve been stuck in Detroit. Without my luggage. Or my phone charger. Or my sanity. ;o)

I definitely vented on the phone to Brad, to my mom…and, um, maybe a little on Twitter.  But I spent the day trying to lean into gratitude, too. I couldn’t change the situation, so I kept making mental notes about things I was grateful for. Like the fact that the airline paid for a hotel room vs. making me sleep on an airport floor. Like the front desk clerk who took pity on me when I realized I was at the wrong hotel. Like the $25 airport voucher I used to buy another phone charger…which allowed me to surf the internets while I waited…which made me smile because there’s so much goodness out there…which made me decide I wanted to spread the love with you. Silver linings, baby. So, below is a random list of products and peeps that are freaking awesome.

mother's day gift box from artsyville on


declaration of you - preview excerpt by michelle ward and jessica swift

  • Two more blog course contributors – Jessica Swift and Michelle Ward – are eagerly awaiting the debut of their first book, The Declaration of You. Right now, you can download their chapter on intention, featuring an interview with (yep, you guessed it – another fellow course contributor!) Andrea Scher.


  •  I am adoring Daniel Pink’s new book, To Sell is Human. Such a good one for anyone who sells stuff but hates selling stuff.


    • Have you seen the TED Talk by Sugata Mitra, outlining his vision for the School in the CloudIt is so fascinating and inspiring for anyone who cares about transforming education and honoring our kids’ strengths.


  • I can’t get this song out of my head. I know Taylor Swift is polarizing, but I like her. So there.

savvyMN magazine, April 2013

  • Oh, and this is fun news! I’m happy to share I’m now writing a monthly column for SavvyMN Magazine, profiling an inspiring Minnesota blogger each month. The publication has been really kind to me and my work over the years, so I’m excited to join forces with them on a regular basis. And in a fun twist of fate, my first column – about Sally McGraw of Already Pretty – appears in the April issue, which features an old family friend on the cover, superstar rapper Dessa. Cool synchronicity!

Have an amazing weekend, everyone (and wish me luck flying the friendly skies!).