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The other day, I recorded an interview with Liz Uram for this week’s Strive to Thrive Telesummit (pssst – it’s free). She’s brought together nine wise women to share insights and action steps for living life to the fullest – and asked me to share my thoughts on turning passions into profits. Of course I said YES! I jump at any chance to talk about this – to share my own journey and help others change the course of theirs. Because I deeply believe that if you feel an interest or idea or passion (or a longing to find one) tugging at your heart, you have to follow it. It’s like getting a phone call from your own soul; the phone keeps ringing until you answer or take the receiver off the hook. Many folks are just too scared – of failure, of success, of judgment, of self-reflection, of all sorts of things.

So how do we overcome that fear?

When you’re standing at the edge of your life, thinking of taking a giant leap, I think the greatest fear buster is focusing on how your inner sparks can serve others. If you do what you love really well, how will it impact people? Will your creative pursuits entertain or uplift them? Will your knowledge help people see the world in a new way? Will your passion persuade? Will your persistence inspire? Will your story touch hearts?

Trade in quantity for quality, too. We all want to have a meaningful impact on as many people as possible. But keeping a running tally and using numbers to define the worth of you and your work actually undermines your authenticity and passion. Let’s move from how many we reach to how deeply we connect.

When we realize that the things that bring us joy can also help us be of service in small ways and big ways, fear dissolves and a sense of purpose takes it place. May we all find the courage to answer the call, to use our sparks to light up the world.