Man sitting by sea in deep thought

I have a confession.

If I see you in a moment of reflection, taking time to just be, lost in your own gratitude…I might take your picture.

I think it’s so beautiful, to see a person not being a person but a spiritual being, disconnected from the world around him in order to connect to the world within him.

Yoga by the Ocean

When you’re there, in that sacred space, it shows on your face…in your posture…in your demeanor. You are just gorgeous. And it touches me. It gives me hope for humankind. It reminds me to go there, too.

Seeing someone deep in their own glory leaves an imprint on my heart – especially when I take their picture. They stay with me – not just on a memory card, but in my own memory. I remember them for months and years – like I would a deep and unexpected conversation with a total stranger. We are connected.

girl looking at reflection in water

Kids do it best of all – stopping everything to be full of themselves and full of life. No inhibitions, no worries about who’s watching, no sense of time. I have countless photos of them – joy personified, stillness mastered.

For grown-ups, I think it’s an act of bravery to quiet the voices, to shut out the distractions, to ignore the busyness and choose – even for a few precious moments – to just be, to get grounded, to soak up the light. Catching you being a human being is sacred to me. There is nothing more beautiful.