Graduation card for parents, via

(new in the shop: graduation card for parents)

It’s happening again. We’re starting to receive invitations to graduation parties: unofficially required ‘open houses’ with balloons and brownies and photo collages to celebrate neighbor kids, friends’ kids, co-workers’ kids who are graduating from high school. We’ll make an appearance at each, drop off a gift (ahem, check), ask the kids about their plans, watch videos and look at photos of them as babies and preschoolers and Girl Scouts and Little League players.

And I can’t help but think as I stand there that these celebrations should not only focus on the graduating kid, but on the parents who just spent 18 years nurturing, teaching, guiding, advocating, chaperoning, coaching, cheering, carpooling…adoring this child. I want to honor that they’ve done an awesome job. All the things they’ve gone through – sleepless nights, skinned knees, bruised egos, health scares, hellish hormones, bullies and broken hearts – and still stuck around because their love was bigger than all of those things combined. That deserves a celebration.

This year, I finally have a card I can slip to the parents at those open houses – and I’m hoping it might come in handy for you, too.

happy graduation! it's your day, too. (card for parents)

Just one little thing. The first run from my printer came with the inside message printed above the fold vs. below it. Rats! If you can stand a little imperfection and just write a sweet little note below, I’ll give you a discount! This first run is priced at 25% off my other card prices – so just $3 per card, found here.

Got other occasions you wish there was a good card for? I’d love to know!  xoxo