how to be happy when everything sucks

About 9 months ago, I went to lunch with a fellow entrepreneur (we’ll call her Amy). We had a mutual friend who thought we should meet, so we did. Amy knew a tiny bit about me, I knew a tiny bit about her (basically, we’d both spent a couple of minutes on each others’ blogs prior to lunch) and we had a good time talking about business-y stuff and mutual connections.

She told me she liked my blog – that it was really upbeat and colorful. “But,” she continued, “it’s a lot easier to be so positive when you haven’t had anything major happen to you.”

Um. Major?

“Yeah,” she said. “You’re probably young enough that nothing really, really hard has hit you yet.”

Now, I don’t usually like to compete in the Suffering Olympics (you know, the game where people one-up each other on how bad they’ve had it?). But I felt compelled to tell Amy that this young 38-year-old had faced some “major” stuff.

Like devastating job loss. Like serious debt. Like severe postpartum depression and PTSD. Like losing my beloved dad. Like parenting a child with special needs. That’s when Amy looked at me wide-eyed and asked my favorite question maybe ever:

“How do you stay so happy when everything sucks!?”

Ha! Well, in addition to having a great therapist on speed dial, I told her the thing that has been my absolute saving grace over the past seven years is my commitment to choosing beauty. What started as an experiment (and the original inspiration for this blog) became a habit and philosophy that I live and swear by because it has brought me lasting happiness. Yep, even when everything sucks.

#choosingbeauty ecourse with liv lane - 4 weeks to a happier youThat conversation and many others like it inspired me to start working on the most personal and potentially life-changing online program I’ve created to date. And today, I’m so excited to share it with you. I’m opening registration for The Art of Choosing Beauty – a four week, direct-to-your-inbox program.

Think of it as summer camp for grownups!

No sleeping bags or pesky bugs – but you’ll get to connect with like-minded women also seeking greater joy and fulfillment. You’ll be guided through soul-stirring self-discovery exercises that open your mind, open your eyes, open your heart even wider. Magic will find you in the places you least expect it. Pinky swear.

I cannot wait to start – I seriously have goosebumps just thinking about sharing this goodness with you in full. Get all the details here.  Here’s to your lasting happiness!