see who floats my boat (diving into affiliate programs)

Today, I’m guest posting over at one of my favorite sites, Kind Over Matter, for Amanda’s Kindness in Business series. I’m shedding a little light (and a lotta love) on a subject – a marketing strategy – that many online entrepreneurs use but don’t like to talk about. I’m hoping it opens up a conversation that needs to be had. Go over here to read it.

I figured the post might make you curious about whom and what I promote as an affiliate. Cool – I’m all for transparency! This entrepreneurial life is a joyful one, but a tricky one, too; there are definitely days I miss that regular paycheck! So, heartfelt THANKS to those who opt to click the links below and purchase from these beauties! If you do, I’ll get a small commission, which is one of the ways I stay afloat in these virtual waters. Here are a handful of peeps and programs I happily support and promote with affiliate marketing. Hope you wind up loving them as much as I do…

CHRISTINE KANE: I stand behind everything Christine Kane does as a “Mentor To Women Who Are Changing the World.” She used to be a frequent guest on my radio show and I lurve her.

FABIENNE FREDRICKSON: I had a great experience diving into a program with client attraction coach Fabienne Fredrickson last winter, so I’m happy to share her empowering work with others. P.S. Tomorrow, she’s hosting a free webinar about her Client Attraction System (yep, that’s an affiliate link…in case you decide to purchase something from her down the road).

KELLY RAE ROBERTS: Three years ago, Kelly Rae Roberts’ Flying Lessons class gave me the confidence I needed to call myself an artist. So I promote her Flying Lessons ebook to anyone looking to spread their creative wings.

AMANDA OAKS/KIND OVER MATTER: As mentioned in my guest post, I’ve been part of several ebooks created by Amanda and just love what this mama puts into the world.

DARREN ROWSE/PROBLOGGER: Even though I teach my own blogging ecourse, I really respect Darren Rowse and love so much of the content provided by his site, ProBlogger. He creates awesome resources for bloggers at all levels.

ANDREA SCHER/SUPERHERO LIFE: I have been part of Andrea’s amazing programs online and in-person. Her photography is gorgeous, her teaching is masterful and her heart is big. P.S. Loving the concept behind her new summer course, Start a Foolish Project!!

SPROUT: Amanda Fall creates a beautiful, soul-stirring online ‘zine each month called Sprout, with themes like Courage and Finding Your Roots plus tons of wonderful contributors. You can peruse the archives here. 


P.S. If you want to sign up to be one of my affiliates, please do! Just click here.