you are loved. love, your angels

I realize I’ve been pretty quiet here the past couple of weeks. Maybe because it’s been pretty noisy in my head. Two weeks ago, I revealed here the truth about my intuitive abilities. Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for your incredible support. What a huge relief to put that out there and get so much love back. The comments. The emails. The tweets. The Firecracker Calls (heart is seriously bursting doing these!).

What I didn’t expect was the tidal wave of support – and excited chatter – from the Other Side. Lots of whispers and wings in my ear these days; angels so THRILLED that I shared my reality with you and so EAGER to share theirs with you, too. The other night, they grew so loud that I just sat down in the dudio and wrote their simple but meaningful messages on notepaper, promising to pass them along to you soon.

First, though, I needed their help conquering some fears. I’m still working through my own insecurities about sounding totally crazypants here. Tapping into my intuition and receiving messages from beyond during a one-on-one session is comfortable for me; I can explain myself, answer questions, feed off a person’s energy. But in front of everyone? Ironically, I feel a little naked on my own blog, exposing my true self to the whole world, in writing – maybe even to people who think I’ve lost my marbles. Well, the angels had a quick response to that:

Disregard attempts – intentional or not – to dampen your spirit or hold you back. Focus instead on the people who believe in us and in you, ready and willing to hear more. Be a bold-hearted messenger. Anyone reading this has been drawn to you for a reason; they trust you, now trust them. 

Whoa. (Chills!) Smart cookies, those angels.

you are never alone - notes from the angels

I felt my fear lift. I felt courage re-emerge. I thought back on all of the years these winged wonders have helped me, how they’ve been my quiet companions since I was little, never asking for anything in return. And now, here they were, excitedly hoping that I would let their divine work more obviously bleed into my own work, that I might share their love with more of you. In that light…in that bright, white light…it was an easy YES. Feels like an honor, in fact – that they would use me and that you would listen.

talk to your #angels - post by liv lane with heaven-sent notes for you

So let us start here, with the message above…straight from above.  Sounds so simple, but they’re so intent on letting you know that there are angels waiting in the wings, so to speak, for every single one of you. Waiting to help you feel less alone. Waiting for you to request something…anything: a better day, a boost of confidence, an awesome parking spot. You can speak out loud or in your head. You can close your eyes or keep them wide open. There are no rules, there is only love.

I transcribed these messages from them and photographed the notes last Thursday night, planning to post them here this week. The next day, I started a “small” organization project at home that snowballed into a half-day event requiring five cabinet clean-outs (sheesh!). As I cleared out the shelves of vases and candles above our stove, I found this mug at the way back; I have no idea where it came from or how it got there:

angel mug - via children of the inner light

And friends? The back of it says: Grace surrounds us always, and is the nurture of God’s love. Watch for your angel. The bonds we have are everlasting. 

Hello, goosebumps! Just one more benefit of connecting with your angels: they leave behind really good gifts.


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