True Friends

Ever made a decision that makes no sense on paper – but just feels right in your heart? That’s what I’m doing today. Throwing caution to the wind. Leaping outside the box. Experimenting with kindness. Dancing with abundance.

A week from today, I start my new ecourse – The Art of Choosing Beauty: a four-week deep dive into how I pulled myself out of the darkness and changed my life for good through a philosophy and daily practice that centers around everyday beauty.  It’s gonna be deep. And soul-stirring. And so, so joyful.

But there’s something missing. 

soul sister circle.I had an epiphany this weekend. At the times in my life when I’ve experienced the greatest personal growth, there has been a soul sister – a friend or relative I adore – cheering me on and growing right alongside me. And I really want that for you, too. Yes, we’ll have an amazing community of participants to bond with in our private Facebook group, but imagine having a dear heart – your beloved girlfriend, sister, mom, auntie – to compare notes with, to share challenges with, to celebrate aha moments with. I get giddy thinking about how powerful that would be – for you, for her, for all of us!

SO. Here goes. I haven’t even reached the number of sign-ups to hit my financial goal for this course…but I don’t care. If you sign up…or if you’ve already signed up…I want to give you a second admission for the soul sister of your choice – for free.

Soul Sister Special!

I had already priced this e-course really low ($47), because I wanted it to be accessible for all who need it. But if you decide to split the cost with your soul sister, you’ll each only pay $23.50 to get all the content delivered to your inbox each day for four weeks. Or you can just gift it to that wonder woman in your life. Whatever you choose. Details on how it works are below.

My only request? If it feels right, could you share this soul sister special with others in your life? To make sure I don’t completely lose my shirt on this deal, I’m not going to pay to promote/advertise the course this week as I’d planned. So if you could help me spread the word…maybe on Facebook, maybe in an email to friends, maybe to colleagues in the break room…that would be amazing.

like coming home: we all need soul sisters

two of my dear ones: lori portka & rachel awes

HOW IT WORKS: To get the special, you can sign up here for $47 (or go here for more details on the course, and purchase through that page). Either way, you must sign up by midnight central on July 15th (the day the course starts). On the page where you fill out your contact info, there’s a box at the bottom labeled “PRIMARY EMAIL.” In that box, please add the name of your soul sister and her email address. Then she’ll be sure to get all the content, too. Simple as that.

ALREADY SIGNED UP? You’ll be getting an email to let you know how you can invite someone you love to participate for free, too. Watch your inbox!

Ohhhh, kindred spirits…soul sisters…I cannot wait to gather virtually next week, to dance arm-in-arm and celebrate the magic in our midst. It’s going to be so beautiful.