weekend swoon state fair art

Minnesota State Fair - The Midway at Night via LivLane.com #statefair

Yesterday, we made our annual family pilgrimage to the Minnesota State Fair. Ryder begged us to go on some big kid rides in the Midway – an area of the fair that is a haven for teens with blaring music, neon signage, flashing lights, shouting carnival workers, and insane crowds. With Tru’s sensory issues, we figured he wouldn’t make it more than 30 seconds in that environment. But to our surprise, he was totally dazzled by the Midway, looking at all the rides lit up against the night sky and repeatedly saying, “It’s soooo beautiful.” Seeing him so enthralled inspired me to find the beauty, too.

So, I thought I’d make the latest Weekend Swoon an ode to those colorful, charming, homespun fairs and carnivals. So many  talented photographers and artists have found beauty in them, too. Lemme show you…


Carnival Carousel - 5 X 7 Photography Print - State Fair Family Fun Tent Sparkle

5×7 Carnival Carousel photography print // lladybugzz // $12.99

minnesota state fair polaroid magnets ... set of 6 magnets

Minnesota State Fair Polaroid Magnets // PaintedFishStudio // 6 for $12

Fabric Cuff - Retro Michigan State Fair

Retro Michigan State Fair Cuff // StudioLams // $60

Carnival Postcard Collection - Lost on the Midway from The Black Apple

Lost on the Midway Carnival Postcards // The Black Apple // $15

Ferris Wheel Necklace by Short and Bald Jewelry. Part of the Weekend Swoon: Let's Go to the #Fair via LivLane.com.

Ferris Wheel Necklace // Short and Bald Jewelry // $19.75

County Fair Birthday Party "Prize Ribbon" Invitation

County Fair Custom Kids’ Birthday Invitation // CakeEvents // $16

Vintage Carnival Art Tags Vintage Carnival Art Tags (Instant Download)  // The Photo Cube // $2.50

Ferris Wheel Hand Carved Rubber Stamp


Ferris Wheel Hand Carved Rubber Stamp // TCWitchcraft Factory // $16

Hope you get a chance to really soak up the last days of summer, friends!  Happy (long) weekend!