you are not crazy .you are crazy-gifted. via

It’s been two months since I revealed a poorly kept secret, fully revealing here my life-long intuitive gifts. I didn’t expect so many blessings to come from it: the sense of freedom and calm in the core of my being, the outpouring of love, the enhanced help from angels with my one-on-one sessions, a clarified direction for my work.

But the biggest surprise was how many women reached out, friends and strangers alike, to quietly…sheepishly…tell me about their own gifts. Like the one who can feel when people are seriously ill (hello, emotional empath). Like the one who has premonition dreams, including some that scare her. Like the one who can see people’s energy – light and colors swirling around them. Like the writer who feels like words are channeled through her.

So many women with amazing intuitive gifts, all scared shitless to tell anyone. 

Every single one used the same word to describe their secret abilities: crazy. “Please don’t think I’m crazy.” “I know this sounds crazy.” “Maybe I’m just going crazy.” I’ve been guilty of this in the past, attempting to guard myself from ridicule and eye rolls by being the first to declare my own insanity.

I believe so deeply that every person on the planet comes into this world with innate gifts; inner sparks we are meant to use throughout our life to serve others and bring us joy. Some people spend their whole lives trying to figure out what they are. But those lucky enough to know them and name them have a responsibility to use them and honor them.

When we call our own gifts or interests crazy, we send the message that everyone else with similar gifts or interests is crazy, too. We feed the fear and serve the stigma. I get that when your intuition is right, it feels pretty wild – amazing, surprising, exciting. Same thing if you sense you’re getting a sign or message from angels or spirit or God. There’s a rush of emotions, a deep sense of connection, maybe even a buzzing through your body. For a fleeting moment, it feels crazy-good – until you start to question it. It doesn’t take much – a little worry, a little doubt – to turn feeling crazy-good into feeling just plain crazy.

“When we understand, we are at the center of the circle and there we sit, while Yes and No chase each other around the circumference.” – Chuang-tsu

And that kind of back and forth soul wrestling will drive you crazy. But darling, the truth will set you free. And it also frees up others to receive and respect the magic and messages in their own lives. You are not crazy. You are crazy-gifted and the world needs to know.

So, what if we band together and make a pact? To stay open, to trust more, to share what we’ve got because that’s why we got it. There is power in numbers. There is power in sharing. There is power in you.