Santa Fe - 3 generations waiting for Pet Parade

Calling all animal lovers! Ohhhh, have I got a treat for you! Every September since 1712, the city of Santa Fe has held a wonderful, colorful weekend celebration of its rich history – Fiesta de Santa Fe. My mom, grandma and I had such fun taking it all in – but our absolute favorite event was Desfile de Los Niños (The Pet Parade)! That’s us waiting for the parade to start. 🙂

Friends, it was amazing to see thousands of families, schools, and local organizations marching down the streets of Santa Fe either with their pets in costume…or dressed up as pets! I couldn’t resist sharing some pics, in hopes they put a great big smile on your face today. Not surprisingly, the majority of participants were dogs…

Dog dressed up as Chia Pet! Collection of adorable photos from Santa Fe Pet Parade

…including this little Chia Pet! Her owner was carrying a watering can. Ha!

Pug in angel wings! Collection of adorable photos from the Santa Fe Pet Parade...

Angel Dogs - Collection of adorable photos from the Santa Fe Pet Parade...

Of course, I LOVED all the dogs wearing angel and fairy wings…

Big dog wearing sunglasses

…and this big guy wearing shades plus ribbons in his hair!

Pomeranian pup dressed as a football! Collection of adorable photos from the Santa Fe Pet Parade...#dog #costumes

There were plenty of sports fans, including this little Pomeranian-turned-pigskin ready for tail-gating! Score!

Dog dressed up as Imperial Walker from Star Wars. Collection of adorable photos from the Santa Fe Pet Parade via

This little guy, dressed as an Imperial Walker (I think!), was part of a whole family decked out in Star Wars costumes…including Boba Fetch and Jabba the Mutt. So creative!

Dog dressed as Mike from Monsters Inc.

And then there was this little dude, dressed as Mike from the Monsters Inc. movies. Too funny!

Dog spray-painted pink and yellow! Collection of adorable photos from the Santa Fe Pet Parade...via

Seriously, is he smiling? This is one of many pretty-in-pink pups. Love the gold accents!

Pug in a tutu! Collection of adorable photos from the Santa Fe Pet Parade...

And you can’t go wrong with a pink tutu!

Dog dressed as a taco! Collection of adorable photos from the Santa Fe Pet Parade...#petcostumes

Yo quiero Taco Bell? Yep – that pup is trotting around as a taco!

Dog wearing poncho and sombrero. Click for more pet costume pics...

No wonder his tongue is wagging! He’s wearing a heavy poncho and sombrero in the Santa Fe heat!

Dog in a Hawaiian shirt! More cute puppy costume pics - just click photo.

This pup is hanging 10 in a Hawaiian shirt and flower lei.

Dog dressed as Hello Kitty! More costumed dog pics...just click photo!

And then there was a dog trying to be a cat…err, Hello Kitty! And she wasn’t the only one…

Women dressed up as Hello Kitty

Yep, grown women dressing up as Hello Kitty. Kinda loved it!

Woman dressed up as the Golden Goose! Click for Pet Parade pics...

This woman dressed as the Golden Goose fairy tale…

Man dressed as a turkey! Funny animal costumes...

…and this guy led his high school band while wearing a turkey costume!

I also loved all the kiddos carrying their pups in their arms…

Girl holding puppy. More pics via - just click!

Little girl holding tiny puppy - more cute pics at

Girl on Big Wheel holding her dog...part of the Santa Fe Pet Parade.

But rest assured – not only dogs were represented at the Pet Parade. We saw wagons carrying hamster and gerbil cages, a turkey coop on wheels, and even a fish bowl. Plus…

Girl carries bunnies in Santa Fe Pet Parade

…a basket of bunnies…

Boy carries snake in Pet Parade (click for pics of other pets!)

…a slithering snake…

Boy with his cat - Santa Fe Pet Parade (click for more adorable pics)

and yes, cat lovers, one adorable kitty.

LOVED seeing people (especially the kids!) fawn over their pets this way. My face actually hurt from smiling so hard for so long! Thank goodness for our furry (and scaly) friends…they bring us so much joy.

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