weekend swoon - shine your light

Isn’t always such a wondrous thing when the sun breaks through after a rainy day? Happened here yesterday; as the day was ending, the clouds began to clear and gorgeous rays of sun shone through. Actually happens to the best of us, right? There’s nothing like feeling like your own inner light is back in working order. So, I decided to dedicate the latest edition of The Weekend Swoon to art created specifically to celebrate our ability to shine bright.

Thanks to all the talented artists giving us a reason to swoon & shine today…
Rise & Shine art by The WheatfieldRise & Shine Print // The Wheatfield // $18 – $30

shine necklace in gold - marilyn monroe quote -

Shine Necklace with Marilyn Monroe Quote // Heartfelt By Foxy // $30

shine pillow.

Shine Embroidered Pillow // Hummingbee // $26

Shine Card - Click Image to Close

Shine Your Little Light Print // CurlyGirl Designs // $20 (on sale!)

Shine Bright - Adjustable Twist Aluminum Ring - handed stamped ring

Shine Bright Aluminum Ring // FamilyHouseStampin // $10

Shine Rubber Stamp from Creatiate - part of collection of SHINE art on Etsy

Shine Rubber Stamp // Creatiate // $14

Let Your Light Shine - Yoga Wrap Bracelet - Dragonflies - via D2EGallery

Let Your Light Shine Wrap Bracelet // D2EGallery // $35

Permission to shine - mixed media print by Kelly Rae Roberts

Permission To Shine Print // Kelly Rae Roberts // $29

Even In The Darkest Of Nights, The Smallest Of Stars Will Shine 2 Inch Leather Cuff Bracelet with Custom Hand Stamped Metals by MyBellaSmallest of Stars Shine Cuff Bracelet // MyBella // $38

You Can Turn Off The Sun But I'm Still Gonna Shine - Jason Mraz; art by The Pressing Pigeon (click for more SHINE art)You Can Turn Off The Sun But I’m Still Gonna Shine print // ThePressingPigeon // $8.99