The soul of Instagram: what does your feed reveal about YOU? (includes a bunch of great folks to follow!)Can I tell you a secret? I’ve become a peeping Tom. But my intentions are pure, I swear. Truth is, I love to see people – really see them – by looking at their Instagram feeds. Not just one picture, but their life strung together in little squares, telling a story they may not even realize they’re telling. Wanna see what I mean?

First, if you’re not on Instagram, it’s a mobile photo-sharing app. You take pictures of whatever strikes your fancy, write a little something about it and use filters (if you want) to alter the photo’s light exposure or color before sharing. Your followers can like or comment on your photo and, to me, it just feels like a more intimate community than other social media hangouts.

But here’s why I’m particularly head over heels for it: I can see the essence of you, just looking at your feed. A collection of the latest photos you’ve shared, tucked inside nine or 12 little boxes, I see so much. What’s happening in your life, what’s important to you, what colors you live your life in (really! from black-and-white feeds to some full of vibrant, primary colors). For most people, these connected dots are not conscious decisions, and I love that authenticity so much.

Sometimes, I look at my own feed to be reminded what has struck me as beautiful or meaningful lately. My family. Nature. Light. Art. I’m often surprised by the flow and consistency of the colors and content.

I’ve selected a range of Instagram feeds to share with you; notice how they each have their own unique essence, their own soul. Click on any one of them to reach their real-time feeds…

Carissa Paige on Instagram Lisa Leonard on Instagram MustafaSeven on Instagram Andrea Schroeder on Instagram - Creative Dream Incubator
Mahogany Hair Stylist Mpls on Instagram Faith Evans-Sills on Instagram
Heather Lalley on Instagram - FlourGrrrl Andrea Scher on Instagram - Superhero Life
Artsyville on Instagram - Aimee Dolich Jewelchic on Instagram - Megan Castran

So cool, right? We all see and capture the world around us in different ways. It’s a beautiful thing. Looking forward to seeing the true you on Instagram!