Four Awesome Videos To Make Your Season Bright

I am such a sucker for inspiring videos; I love being catapulted into elation while I sit here in my jammies! You, too? Yesterday, I was all teary watching several videos posted to Facebook. As I was watching them, my little angel Tru said HE wanted to make a video.

This boy has adored the song Angels We Have Heard on High for as long as we can remember, so I asked him if he wanted to sing it to my camera. As many of you know, Truman’s on the autism spectrum; repetition, movement and music are soothing and so joyful for him. Watching him and listening to him sing this song he loves just fills my heart and I thought it might do the same for yours. My favorite part? Where, instead of saying “Christ the Lord” he says “Price the Log.” LOL!

So, I’m happy to share his video with you…and three others that have touched my heart this week.

Angels We Have Heard on High…by 5 Year Old Tru 🙂

Awww…the bowing at the end just slays me. Love that little guy. Okay, moving on to the other three heart-stirring videos…

Flash Mob for Nelson Mandela

This is a flash mob by the Soweto Gospel Choir, staged at a Woolworth’s store in South Africa after Nelson Mandela’s passing. When they raise their hands in the air? Yeah, I lost it then.

Airline Teams Up With Santa To Surprise Passengers

This is a marketing stunt by WestJet Airlines, but a brilliant one. I was all teary when the packages started arriving. What a joy to watch people so stunned by this act of kindness!

The Tutu Project

When his wife got cancer, this hubby tried to cheer her up with a tutu. And now that tutu is cheering up and cheering on other cancer patients, too. Amazing.

Got any other faves? Feel free to share links below!