I have yet to live a day that wasn't graced by light. LivLane.com #intothelight

My life’s about to change. So many friends have said this. So many signs have pointed to this. Every time I close my eyes, I know this to be true.

Yep, this is a week that will change my life.

Into the Light begins on Wednesday. Eighteen days of receiving and delivering messages from Spirit – a bright-light swarm of beautiful, angelic souls that first approached me in October, asking that I leverage my ability to communicate with the Other Side to help them connect with those who are ready and willing to hear their messages. Typing that out still feels a a little unbelievable to me, like I’m writing an episode of the Twilight Zone. But I know with every fiber of my being that this. is. real.

Still, I’ve been feeling a little nervous – hoping all will go smoothly, praying that everyone who’s signed up will feel blessed by the messages, thinking (too much) about my schedule each day of the series. I noticed myself getting a little worked up last night, so I decided to distract myself by watching a TV show I’d recorded earlier in the evening. I almost never watch CNN, but heard via Facebook about an Anderson Cooper special featuring people who have physically died and come back to life. I love hearing others’ accounts of the Other Side, so I grabbed the remote and hit “record.”

When I turned it on late last night, I was surprised to see that the reporter wasn’t Anderson Cooper but Randi Kaye – a blast from my past. In the mid ’90s, we were both reporting on the same news story in Florida; I was just a pup back then, in my first real radio job and on my first solo assignment trip. I was so nervous, wanting to do everything right, praying I’d get everything correctly recorded and disseminated for my network. Randi and her producers, who were working for a Dallas morning TV show, took pity on me and let me hang with them.

So, last night, it felt like a bit of sweet serendipity to see Randi on the TV special I had turned on to calm me down, having just been nervously thinking about recording and disseminating a new kind of message. Nice move, universe.

The first person Randi interviewed was Dr. Mary Neal, a surgeon who was trapped underwater with her kayak for 15-30 minutes while friends tried to rescue her, back in 1999. They finally pulled her out – bloated, blue, body broken and not breathing – until she inexplicably opened her eyes and lived to tell the story of her journey into the afterlife.

“I am my own greatest skeptic,” she told Randi. “I am quite sure that I would not believe my life story had I not personally lived each and every day of it.”

Bam! That right there was what I needed to hear. I’m not sure I’d believe my own story either, and fully trust my conversations with Spirit, had I not experienced it all for myself. That’s all I have to lean on, and that has to be enough. It amazes and humbles me that it’s enough for so many of you, too. That you feel called to be part of this journey with me, that you’re willing to trust the message and the messenger.

Into the Light: 18 Days of Divine ConnectionI can feel in my bones that Into the Light will be powerful. I’ve been in training for weeks now, in fact. Every time I close my eyes for meditation, I’m instantly transported into training sessions with my guides, angels, even my dad. They are helping me receive messages efficiently and in ways that don’t drain my physical energy.

And they’ve been showering me with positive signs. For instance, I notice 3:33 on the clock constantly these days. For years and years, “my time” has been 11:11. But lately, I’m floored how often I look up from what I’m doing and see 333 on a clock, on a gas station sign, on a license plate. It’s happened enough times that I decided to go look up what it means, according to Doreen Virtue’s Angel Numbers 101 book. Wanna know the meaning?

“You are completely surrounded, protected, loved, and guided by the benevolent ascended masters.” 

Holy wow. Somebody call CNN, ’cause this week is going to change my life. And maybe yours, too. I don’t know how, I just know it is. And that has to be enough.

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