Remember Who You Are

wall mural in oakland, california

Apparently, I’ve had so much going on inside, that I forgot to report back to the outside. I stopped by my own blog this morning and was shocked to see I haven’t posted here in weeks.

When I’m trudging through giant change in my life, I often don’t even realize the magnitude of it until I emerge again on the other side. And by then, it feels impossible to explain the details, to organize the synchronicities and revelations in a way that matters to anyone else.

But I still wanna try.

I want to write an ode to bravery. I want to tell you it’s worth it – the vulnerability, the nervousness, the speaking up and the calming down. I want to highly recommend the self-reflection that feels blinding and brutal  right up until it doesn’t, suddenly revealing the brightness of you.

I want you to experience the glory of remembering who you are. The little one with the pure heart, the sparkling eyes, the bursting joy, and the innate trust that all is well. She’s still in there, playing hide-and-seek. Go inside and get her.

These past few months have rocked my world. Some shifts felt like earthquakes, others were subtle and sweet. Last summer, opening up here about my lifelong back-and-forth with the Great Beyond opened me up to receiving more. In the fall, saying yes and leaning into an 18 day conversation with Spirit left me (and many others) speechless. Gutted. Reborn. Radiant.

Saying yes – the deepest yes – to who I am and why I’m here has been met with so many yeses in my work. In December, my intuitive Firecracker Calls were already sold out through March (what!? yes.). Spirit comes through clearer than ever now; I am merely the channel for leading women to their own YES and it feels like such an honor every time. And then, to be guided into creating Project Light Year, a year-long experience that – only a few days in – is already revealing such huge shifts and amazing results for the women who said YES to it? It’s just the most beautiful gift. (You can still say yes to joining us, by the way)

I share this because I want to be your proof. A dangling carrot reminding you it works, it’s worth it. When you decide to be brave, to speak your truth, to trust the universe, to amplify your light, to remember who you are…feel free to tell the doubtful shadows that I told you to. I’ll be your scapegoat. And then, as you deepen your yes and see it reflected back into your life, your heart exploding like fireworks, pass it on. Become the one who tells the others that it works, that it’s worth it. Be the proof. I dare you to say yes.