FROZEN: the real-life set (okay, it's our front yard)

This is what we woke up to on Saturday morning, following a great big snow storm. It felt like we’d stepped onto the real-life set of Frozen! Really, really beautiful. Much of the snow has been shaken from the trees by wind, but what remains are some pretty wonderful works of art.

Today, as Tru and I were waiting for the school bus, I looked up and noticed little pieces of ice and snow hanging from or standing on branches. It was like watching yoga masters in gravity-defying positions (how do they get that way and stay that way!?). So, I’m calling this series of snapshots “snowga”…the opposite of hot yoga, I suppose. And I’ve given all the positions names. Because I can.

snowga: ice and snow doing yoga positions?

I’m calling this one The Picasso.

snowga: downward heart

Hello, downward heart.

snowga: tiny snow sculptures in gravity-defying positions

The Frozen Half Moon

tiny ice sculpture, suspended in middair, courtesy of mother natureThe Shivering Warrior

snowga: yoga by snowThe Escaping Dragon

Wishing you lots of tiny miracles today, friends! Namaste.