Friends, I am soooo excited to invite you into my brand new home today!

If it feels like I’ve been a little distant lately, it’s because I’ve been putting so much energy into creating an online home that accurately reflects me and my evolving work. I’ve been envisioning it for over a year, working on renovations for a while, and the result is the brand new

I thought it would be ready weeks ago, but you know how home renovations go! Turns out the timing couldn’t be more perfect; on this day 10 years ago, I first got the trademark for Choosing Beauty — the name of my blog (which I’m breathing new life into!), my company and the philosophy I live by. I didn’t even realize the timing until the renewal notice popped up in my inbox this week!

A decade ago, when I filed for that trademark, I could feel myself being called into a new life. I had begun the practice of choosing to find beauty every day and documenting it on my then-new blog. Within a couple of months, I would leave my steady corporate job to spread my wings and start chasing the rainbows that had shown up for me throughout my life, in moments of sacred connections or new beginnings. It’s been a whirlwind ever since.

I tiptoed around exposing my intuitive abilities for a long time, but Spirit kept knocking at the door. Eventually, choosing to answer and step onto the path unfolding before me would become one of my best decisions ever. I marvel all the time at where that yellow brick road led me. It is such a joy and honor to spiritually support women who are ready to answer what’s calling them, too.

Many people start working with me by booking an intuitive Firecracker Call — but my schedule’s been so tight that we’ve been working our way through an extensive waiting list since late last year. I’m happy to say we can see the light and we’ve reopened bookings. The wait list is still several months, but you can purchase to reserve your spot now, knowing that your session will occur this fall (or possibly sooner if there are cancellations or schedule changes). To learn more about one-on-one sessions and reserve your spot, go here.

I have lots of fun plans in the works as I celebrate the 10th anniversary of my business, from re-launching my greeting card line to unveiling mini courses for magic makers. So stay tuned! For now, I hope you feel right at home in my new home and feel free to invite your friends over!