I posted this today on my social media feeds and have received some messages from people asking if they can do the same thing, using our letter. OF COURSE! I’ve added a downloadable PDF of the letter below. 

Here are the details: we’re doing a “rainbow connection” experiment! As we hunker down at home to avoid getting or spreading the coronavirus, Tru and I have creative time each afternoon — art, writing, storytelling (I might love it even more than him 🤪) — and yesterday we came up with an idea to spread some rainbow love to our neighbors during these uncertain times.

He made a rainbow for our door, and then one for some neighbors he loves across the street. He snuck over to drop it at their front door, delivered with this letter, and we anxiously waited to see if his rainbow would appear in their window. It did! Now, we’ll see if the idea takes off. We hope so — and it’s making us so happy knowing others want to do it in their neighborhoods.

We’ve all got to make our own rainbows right now. xoxo

To download your own copy of the letter above, click here: Rainbow Connections Neighborhood Letter