Breaking news! You don’t need special gifts or abilities to be able to connect with your angels. I swear it’s true! Well, not the “breaking news” part; people have been connecting with the angels for ages. But we seem to forget how and why an awful lot. Yes, I’m super fortunate to have seen and heard my angels all my life. But that’s not actually necessary in orderto feel them, notice them or receive help from them.

Connecting with the angels is a very intimate, personal experience that manifests a little bit differently for everyone. It’s kind of like discovering your favorite music; while one person may be totally moved by a classical orchestra, another may feel more inspired by a country music song. That doesn’t make either type of music wrong, nor does it make either of those music fans misguided. Something in the music connects to something within that stirs their souls, and that’s all that matters. Same thing with the angels.

I don’t pretend to know precisely how the angels might come to you, reach out to you or help you. But I’ve got some insights on how you can become more aware when it’s happening and what you can do to strengthen your connection.


There are no rules.

First, I firmly believe you do not need to know the names of certain angels, what they represent, or what they look like. Your angels will simply come to you whenever you call them in, simple as that. They know what moves you, how best to get through to you, how to inspire you whether you know who they are, where they are or what they look like. I am well aware that some angel “experts” claim you need to know each angel’s name and personality, that there are specific ones to reach out to for specific needs, or that you must memorize the meaning of every potential angel sign. If that makes you feel more in control of your experience and comfortable as you engage with them, then you should find and follow that guidance. But from my perspective, those are all human-made rules that are too small and limiting for the giant possibilities the angels bring to us.

Never let anyone tell you they know, without a doubt, the inner workings of the universe or that they are the only mystic who can do what they do. The cosmos is sooo gorgeously complicated, divinely organized in ways we can’t wrap our human heads around; how could anyone proclaim themselves to be an expert on such matters? I am no expert; I’m just grateful for the insights and instructions I do receive.


So who are these angels anyway??

I get lots of questions about who the angels are and why they exist. Here is what I’ve come to understand over my lifetime of hanging out with them…

  • The angels are messengers of God, sent to comfort, heal, love, and move some things around if need be or if we ask nicely. 🙂
  • They are made of pure light, and absolutely delight in their role as protectors and guides — even if it seems like the humans they’re protecting and guiding aren’t listening.
  • They are able to shape-shift, transform situations and create miracles as long as the ripple effects of that change do not drastically alter the course of your life or others’ lives and the things your soul chose to experience and learn here.
  • Angels have not lived earthly lives, but are eager to help us make the most of ours.


And how can you connect with them?

Even when you’re not paying attention, your angels are close by — like invisible bodyguards and life coaches waiting in the wings for opportunities to keep you safe and nudge you forward. Say hi! You can acknowledge them out loud or in your head. Even if you feel like you’re imagining things, let yourself have fun with it and trust it.

Oftentimes, you go through your days unaware of their involvement in your life — from the synchronicities you call “coincidences” to the feeling in your gut you need to do something. Sometimes the angels try to get your attention or respond to your “hello” with signs they hope you’ll notice: a special animal, a favorite number, a gorgeous act of nature (like a rainbow).

One critical rule for interpreting the messages you receive is this: always assume each message you receive is sent by the angels with excitement and love, and the intention of putting you at ease. Never fear. Never judgement. Never impatience. Their goal is to calm you, uplift you and lead you into greater freedom. When you recognize these signs and situations have been potentially coordinated by the Powers That Be, say thank you! Let them know you are aware they are present — speak it, think it, write it down, whatever works for you! They will be absolutely delighted and eager to interact with you more!


You don’t have to do this alone.

You’re not crazy or weird for wanting to lean on your angels more. And it’s so powerful and helpful to actively engage with other human beings who are actively engaging with their angels! Nearly 3/4 of Americans believe in angels, so chances are good that if you talk about them, you’ll find others who are open to sharing their stories, too. Or you can seek out a circle of fellow believers who want to walk this road together. 

Whether you’ve been connecting with your angels for years or you’re just opening to the possibility of their presence, you are invited to spend 2022 with me, the angels and a whole circle of kindhearted kindreds around the world in The Angel Sanctuary!

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Bottom line: your angels are waiting in the wings for you to ask for their assistance, acknowledge their presence and forge a connection with them. I can’t think of any downside to opening up to their love, so let yourself do that today and everyday after.

With love,


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